Design From Finland

Your skin tells a story.
A dip into the sparkling waters of a lake after a thunderstorm.
A soft bed of moss under your back as you gaze in wonder at the ancient forest.
The wind stills. The mind is present.
The scent of frost laces your eyelashes with hints of shimmering silver.
The morning mist clinging to the awakening marshland caresses your face with its droplets of dew.

Finland's nature is unique.
It has adapted phenomenally to the challenging circumstances of our Nordic climate. During the short growing seasons, the plants utilize all possible light, causing an exceptionally strong effect.
This effect that the purest and the best ingredients have is untraceable. That is the reason why our Hohde story began in Finland and is based on the expertise, research and trust that has developed over decades. All ecologically and ethically produced.
We know that everything you need for the well-being and beauty of your skin can be found here.


What is Your story?

HOHDE is always a safe choice.
Our products do not contain anything that you would not want on your skin.
No artificial perfumes, dyes, or preservatives.
And both the ingredients as well as the production meet the European standards for natural cosmetics. Not tested on animals; no substances originating from animals; no genetically modified substances; no mineral oils; no silicates; no artificial perfumes; dyes or parabens.


This is HOHDE. Hohde face toner is soothing; it revitalizes the functions of the face and carries a mild scent of roses. It is alcohol-free and organic, thus suited to all skin types. In addition, this product is completely vegan.

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Price: 34,90€


A serum that brims with “good feel” and moisture for your skin. The serum contains the effective ingredients of yarrow, rose and peat, which solidify and smooth your skin considerably. The metabolism of the dermal tissue becomes more efficient, and small wrinkles disappear.

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Price: 59,90€


Have you already heard of the wonderful effect of hyaluronic acid? The herbal hyaluronic acid evens out, stabilizes and soothes the sensitive skin of the face and neck. It smooths wrinkles and creases as well as moisturizes and protects – even extremely dry skin. It is perfectly suited for all skin types.

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Price: 59,90€


Nourish your skin with this luxurious blend of cold-pressed organic vegetable oils, essential oils, and the bioactive ingredients of organic Finnish herbal extracts, which are effectively absorbed deeply into the skin cells.

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Price: 44,90€


An eye cream that has been designed to nourish and moisturize the challenging skin around the eyes. The antioxidants of the plants and the organic herbal extracts reduce the swelling, wrinkles and stresses around the eyes.

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Price: 44,90€


Hohde face oil can be called the elite of face oils with good reason, due to the valuable organic plant oils and other effective ingredients that it contains. Jojoba, apricot, and almond oil are absorbed into the skin, making it as smooth as velvet. Your skin will start to feel better, as it receives the unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant, natural vitamins and minerals that it needs.

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Price: 44,90€


The HOHDE facial cream gently peels and nourishes the skin on your face, reducing the pallor of your skin, while giving it a natural glow. The HOHDE facial cream is suited for all skin types. It removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and makes the skin receptive to the effective ingredients in the product. Your skin will become soft and smooth.

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Price: 44,90€


Our skin has the inclination of becoming dry in the summer and winter. Dry air indoors as well as sunshine decreases the elasticity and resilience of the skin, making it age prematurely. The Hohde body oil is a natural way of taking care of the skin and health of your entire body. The plant oils of the product are well absorbed into the skin, nourishing it and making it soft and supple.

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Price: 44,90€


Detergents and frequent hand washing take a toll on the skin of our hands. The skin becomes dry, losing its softness and elasticity.
The nutritious, well-absorbed organic plant oils of Hohde hand cream – aloe, glycerin, floral water of oranges – pamper and nurture your skin from deep within, making it translucent.

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Price: 34,90€


Hohde foot cream smoothens your feet, supports their blood circulation and makes them fresh and pleasant. The secret behind the effectiveness of the cream is based on longtime experience about treating feet and making them happy with the help of natural ingredients. The multi-effective result comes from plant oils, Finnish organic herbs, such as plantain and yarrow, as well as the organic extract of buckeye, which has been used to care for venous circulation and varicose veins.

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Price: 34,90€